About the Author

ci@rtg: whoami
# About the Author
alias name="Sarang Tumne aka CyberInsane"
alias role="Offensive Red Team Operator, Security Researcher"
alias book_author="Practical Red Teaming: Field-Tested Strategies for Cyber Warfare"

# Certifications
certifications=("OSCP" "OSCE")

# Skills
declare -A skills

# Achievements
echo "Top 5 ranker on HackTheBox"
echo "Authored multiple CVEs"

# Current Focus
echo "Enhancing skills in C, C#, Assembly"
echo "Expanding knowledge in Reverse Engineering and Security Control Evasion"

# Ongoing Projects
projects=("Offensive Red Teaming" "Pen-Testing" "Coding" "Debugging" "Reverse Engineering")
echo "Testing and mastering various industry tools"
echo "Compiling detailed notes for future reference and community sharing"

# Community Engagement
echo "Actively contributing to the cybersecurity community with latest research and findings"

# Collaboration and Contact
echo "Open for discussions on cybersecurity matters. Feel free to reach out at sartlabs.[at].gmail.com"

# Research Repository and Social Links
echo "Conducting research and updating findings to Sartlabs GitHub: https://github.com/sartlabs"
echo "Notice any gaps? Submit a Pull Request!"

# Social Profiles
echo "LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/in/sarang-tumne-osce-oscp-ceh-ecsa-mca-pgdcs-pgdit-mcitp-mcsa-a1681827"
echo "Twitter: https://twitter.com/thecyberinsane"

# Save findings to repository
function update_repository() {
  local topic=$1
  echo "Updating research findings on ${topic} to repository..."
  # Simulate repository update
  sleep 1
  echo "Repository updated with latest security tricks and insights."

# Call the function with 'security' as argument
update_repository "security"

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